Thursday, January 23, 2014

Old 2-3 page spread

So I have been wrestling with this idea for a few years, and a few years ago, started really getting into the art/story for it.
But, I've realized, if you're wrestling with something, trying to make it work, it's probably not meant to be. And I don't mean artistic growth, I mean story.
Sometimes it's best to walk away, and work on something new.

This is the year of the Horse, and a character I was working on (for the image) was inspired by the Chinese Zodiac... 
So I get a little teary eyed because he was the main focus behind this idea and evolved the most.

There you go-- maybe a bit too much background than normal... but I figure why not.

This was drawn by hand, scanned and fixed in photoshop

art ©JayFabares2012

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