Friday, August 24, 2012

X-O Manatee

So another fan art Friday! Last weekend, my husband and I were having breakfast, and we started joking about this manatee that finds a seed of the X-O armor! the idea was that the armor heals his damaged back- caused by various speedboats- and that the Manatee (yet to be named) decides to seek revenge on the boats that cause his species harm!

Funny because, when looking up manatees, somehow I stumbled upon this guy and his super hero manatee series! Awesome idea to combine all these super heros with MANatees... batMAN, spiderMAN, iron MAN-- it was bound to happen!

I mean, here's one from 2011... another from 2008... let the manatee army take over the internet!
Peace my fellow manatee artists!

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