Thursday, October 23, 2008

WIA meeting, School, and the Sickness

cool. so last night went to another WIA meeting, been going to these for some time now, and the guest speakers were people in 'adult animation' (no- not hentai!) but animation geared towards adults. Venture Bros, ATHF, Family Guy etc. It was interesting, and the speakers were great. Overall you get the message- animation is a business & studios are going to make what sells, and make weird decisions like cancelling Futurama.

the list of speakers.

Patric Verrone - President, WGA West <-- former writer for Furturama
Yvette Kaplan - Director, “Beevis & Butthead” <-- currently at Sit Down, Shut Up
Ollie Green - Line Producer, “Superjail”
Adam Kosloff - Staff Writer, “Spaceballs: The Animated Series”

As for school. My time at the Animation Academy is now over, but it was great :) For the past few months... drawing and having fun wasn't co-existing. it was going through the motions, but taking this class really sparked that creative candle that was on its way out. I feel motivated to do something I am proud of saying I drew. Trouble with me is that i dont take things to the next level. I just leave it at the beginning stages, which i like doing. I like seeing little doodles that sparked creativity for something else. There was an explantion of what art/sketching should convey- it should reflect the skills the artist has at that time. magic word?- Commit! That really hit home with me, because I know I didn't do that- gotta commit to taking it to the next polished level. And- lets face it- people don't look at your hidden potential (a little HGTV joke), they look at what you just made, and you're skills are judged so. I learned that you limit your drawing by not seeing it to the end; if you really take the time to take it finish, you are able to bring it to a more sophisticated level. The enviroment in the class is great, people are friendly and approachable, and always willing to give advice. I can't wait to take my next class... I haven't been this moto in a long time.

As for my sickness- i am feeling much, much better. i think i was sick a lot longer than i realized, but then BAM - hit me outta no where. the only artistic efforts i was able to do everyday were the Owls. yay for Owls! Couldn't run/walk for the past week... blah. But before I was sick I did at least 50 miles this month. Woot!

I'll be posting up more stuff that I have been experimenting with at the Academy after the month is over, y'know, after Owltober?

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Alicyn Packard said...

Hey Jay!
It was good to meet you last night. Tell Spike Spencer I said hello. Is your show online anywhere? I'd love to take a look!