Saturday, August 02, 2008


okay, so when i was between the ages of 8-12, my whole life was Darkwing Duck.

I drew him constantly, recorded the shows from the disney afternoon on VHS and through my radio, and my friends knew not to call me saturday mornings (I think 9-10). I had the Pizza the Hut personal pan pizza box taped and glued to the inside of my 1st portolfio - a folder dedicated to Darkwing Duck. I had the action figure, the plush doll, the sticker album, the MAD 'wanted poster' (which had the Tiny Toons on the other side)... do you see where I am getting at?

So when the DVD's came out, of course I was excited- though the lack of dedication from disney's part, to make these DVDs really awesome blows- I still love it.

Anyways- I am excited that Sideshow Collectables is releasing a statue of the coolest cartoon character ever. Maybe they'll release the whole gang?!

Oh yeah!


Lorraine said...

yea I was also a fan.

Joseph Lee said...

Darkwing Duck rules!