Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Walking with Dinosuars- LIVE!

i love dinosaurs. that is something that hasn't changed since i was a kid and i always thought wouldn't it be cool if there were animatronic dinosuars that moved freely? well- i guess i wasn't the only one who had this dream! from the creators of the Walking Dinosaurs series comes a live event... where you get to see life sized dinosuars, moving and roaring thier little hearts out. it was a tour that started in Sydney, Australia- and it's touring the US. my husband and i saw the making of this past weekend and learned it was going to be at the Honda Center in August.
Friday August 22, 7pm baby- front and center! well- row J- but still in the center!


Lorraine said...

I'm a fan of Indiana Jones and The last Chew Toy ((:

Lorraine said...

Indiana "Bones"

T.A. Honda said...

Holy--I love dinosaurs so much! thanks for posting this--I never would have known ^_^